Hey, Siri: Describe Taryn.

Okay. Taryn. Insightful. Expressive. Bold.

Likes acting, writing, and cornhole.

Dislikes arrogance, humorlessness, and tomatoes.

A fun-loving and purpose-driven professional.

01 — What am I about?

I'm a passionate creative with a sharp intellect who loves to bring ease and enjoyment to users and teams. I find purpose in problem-solving and meaning in uplifting others.

02 — Why do I work in content?

Life's tough. Doing things on the internet should be easy.

Great content design or content marketing solves problems, provides clarity, and can help someone navigate challenging situations with more ease. I love being a part of that.

03 — What do others say about me?

Wade Williams (PM @ Corestream):

"Taryn is a remarkable colleague who brings a ray of positivity wherever she goes. Her combination of positivity, creativity, thoughtfulness, and active participation in discussions makes her an invaluable asset to any team or project."

Casey Willert (Director of Marketing Ops @ Corestream):

"Taryn is hard-working, a skilled communicator, and an outstanding content designer. She was a valuable asset to the team and played a significant role in driving our content to the next level."

Erik Swider (Former Graphic Designer @ Backbone Media):

"[Taryn] is one of the most well-spoken, eloquent, and thoughtful writers I have ever worked with. Her mastery of writing and truly understanding each of her clients can be seen in all aspects of her work from copywriting, content strategy, SEO, and developing personas."

04 — Reasons to hire me

  • I solve user problems in harmony with business goals.

  • I know how to prioritize and communicate prioritization.

  • I appreciate a balance of data analysis and creative thinking.

  • Celebrating others is my super power.

05 — Reasons NOT to hire me

  • You don't like to laugh and have fun while you work.

  • You don't particularly value creativity and innovative thinking.

  • You're looking for an order-follower, not a collaborator.

My (non-work) passions



Strength training


Jewelry arts


My values







My working style






(I don't always use alliteration, but when I do it's with the letter 'C.')

My biggest work lessons learned

It should be you and your team against the problem, never against each other.

Creativity and craft need to work together to make magic happen.

Constructive feedback is a gift, not a curse.

People care when they're cared for.

Always uphold your integrity.

Go where you are valued.

Like what you see? Take the next step.

In my career I thought 'I've never wanted to get anywhere in particular.' I just wanted to work with interesting people on interesting projects.

— Cate Blanchett (AKA my actor crush)